What The People Are Saying

“We look at Protel as the experts. Once we identify a need, a team from Protel does a walk through and tells us what can be done. We’ve found Protel personnel are very dedicated to their jobs as we’ve had occasion to call in the middle of the night with an urgent concern and someone from Protel arrives immediately to attend to the situation.”

–SSA Government Contractor, Manhattan, NY

“Henry’s product knowledge and understanding of our industry sure made it easy to work with him. We were able to find the right solution that fit our location and budget.”

–D.Y. Gotham Management, Manhattan, NY

“Protel adheres to each customer on a need basis. offering the latest in cutting edge technology to help improve the efficiency of their customers businesses. It understands the needs of the company and never offer a needless expense.”

–Hillel Zafir CTO, EMI Yoshi Inc, North Brunswick, NJ

“The bottom line for choosing Protel came down to Charles & Henry’s professionalism. Their demeanor best suited our needs from every angle.”

–Michael Kops, Faucet Stop.com, Brooklyn, NY

“Protel was helpful with more than just the design of our security system. Everyone involved in the installation was very flexible in accommodating our priority scheduling and working around our 24-hour operation. They came up with unique approaches to properly secure our valuable equipment while keeping our staff’s safety in mind.”

–SSA Government Contractor, Brooklyn, NY
“Having worked with guys at Protel for over eight years, I can attest to their long term track record of integrity and ingenuity. Protel did what no one else could do. They incorporated all our issues and succeeded in creating a customized call center system as well as customized features for our sensitive security system, as our company expanded. While I did talk to a few other companies as due diligence, I didn’t think any had the expertise to put the whole package together like Protel.”

–Grayline/Citysites New York, Manhattan, NY

“Our association with Protel dates back several years. We have looked into many competing companies in the past before finding Protel and no one compares to the high quality of knowledge and professional expertise that Protel offers. You just don’t get the same results from the other low voltage companies, although most promote their service. You call Protel and “it’s done!”

–JR, Ko-Fro Foods Inc, Avenel, NJ

“Protel went the extra mile to provide a “hands-on” demonstration of the video cameras and recorders it was recommending for the facility. I’m very happy with what we see from Protel!”

–C. Drezner,  Specialty Rx Inc. , Roselle, NJ

“Protel combined a large and complex security system with customer service that really made them stand out. I can call Protel service technician any time and he will respond within minutes.”

–KJ School District, Upstate New York

“Our CCTV system was so well designed by Protel, its capabilities can be used for several purposes beyond securing the premises.”

–Soloff Management, Bronx, NY
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